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We are passionate about sharing the fascinating findings about the dates with fellow enthusiasts. As the web’s leading resource for all things dates, our mission is to educate and inspire people to discover the incredible versatility, rich history, unlimited culinary uses, and benefits of this remarkable date fruit.

Ever since we decided to launch duhud, we’ve been dedicated to uncovering and sharing as much invaluable knowledge as possible about dates.

No stone is left unturned when it comes to facts about date origins, optimal growing conditions, nutritional data, global production, culinary uses, cultural traditions, and more.

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Popular Dates

We researched 79 different types of dates. Prepared informative guides for each of those types of dates. Below listed are some of the popular dates.



Extremely delicious, and full of aromatic flavours, makes it one of the most desirable dates from Saudi Arabia.



Originated from Iran with a unique flavour that is often described as being sweet, caramel-like, and nutty.



Cultivated from Middle Eastern nations, prized for their delicious sweetness, and velvety texture.



Known as the “Honey ball” date due to its resemblance to caramel-butterscotch and its delightfully sweet taste.

About the Author

duhud dates author bio

As you can probably guess, I absolutely love dates! My fondness for dates goes back to a decade ago when I first tasted the dates and instantly fell in love with them.

Over the years, my curiosity about dates has only grown. I’ve tried so many different varieties of dates. Each type of date has its own unique taste, texture, and backstory.

Exploring those details really excites me. Know more…

Top 5 Largest Dates Producing Countries

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Dates from Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Dates from Iran
Dates from Algeria
Dates from Iraq