Deglet Noor Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Deglet Noor Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Deglet Noor dates are a semi-dry kind of date, as opposed to the dry or soft varieties. They have a stellar reputation for both chewiness and taste.

They have a flavour similar to cashews or other nuts and are satisfying whether eaten alone or combined with other snacks. The size of these dates is about average, and their amber hue sets them apart from many other varieties.

If you want to learn more about them, this article will help you to do easily! You can find their benefits, their uses, their origin, and anything else you would want to know about Deglet Noor dates.

Origin, Geographical Presence and Seasonal Availability

The Arabic name Deglet Noor translates to “Dates of Light” because of how easily visible the seed is when you hold it up to any light. As a result of their popularity, they are often called “The Queen of All Dates.”

The Deglet Noor dates were initially cultivated in Algeria. In the early 1700s, it was transported to Tunisia. It then made its way across the Pacific to the state of California. Deglet Noor dates are now commercially farmed in several countries, including Tunisia, the USA, Algeria, Israel, Southeast Asia, etc.

The first Deglet Noor dates were brought to the United States in the year 1900, first to the state of Arizona and then to the state of California. Between 1911 and 1921, many significant imports occurred in response to the high demand for Deglet Noor cuttings.

This cultivar has better success producing fruit in the Coachella Valley. Now, the United States’ largest date crop comes from this cultivar, which is also the most valuable commercially. Deglet Noor dates are grown in California at a rate of 41 million pounds per year on average.

In addition to being grown in Algeria. Deglet Noor dates have found suitable environments in other regions, including Egypt, Arizona, and Dubai.

Seasonal availability

On average, you can find Deglet Noor dates in late summer and fall. Their peak season is from September to November. However, you can still find them in stores till December.

Types of Deglet Noor Dates 

Deglet Noor dates are popularly divided into 2 types based on where they originate from. These are:

Algerian Deglet Noor: These dates originate from Algeria and are farmed in the Sahara Desert. They are bigger and darker in colour than the California Delget Noor khajoor. Furthermore, their flavour is more prominent.

California Deglet Noor: These dates originate in the Coachella Valley in California. They tend to be smaller and lighter in colour. They also have a more subtle flavour pallet than Algerian Deglet Noor. However, they are slightly juicier in comparison.

Characteristics of Deglet Noor Khajoor

Appearance & Texture

Deglet Noor dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

The appearance of Deglet Noor khajur is unique because of its translucent tint. This helps it stand out from the other varieties of dates.

Their colour ranges from light brown to amber depending on how ripe they are. This khajoor has an elongated and oval shape.

They have a semi-dry consistency, in between soft and crunchy. They’re crunchier than Medjool dates while having a somewhat smooth feel.

They are somewhat crispy yet malleable. It weighs 9 to 12 grams. They are medium-sized with an average length of 5-6 cm.


Deglet Noor dates are very popular because of their exceptional quality and nutty-like flavour. They have a very prominent, caramel-like flavour. Its flavour pallet is very refined and smooth.

They are lower in sugar than dates like Medjool and Barhi, but their rich, delicate flavour and nutty aftertaste are reminiscent of browned butter and cashew.

Moisture content

The moisture content of Deglet Noor dates is on average 26.4%.

Nutritional Values in Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor Dates are filled with protein, potassium, vitamins, etc. They are a very healthy and delicious variety of khajoor. Given below is a detailed table of their nutritional value.

Average nutrition value per 100 gms of deglet noor dates
Energy282 kcal
Protein2.45 g
Carbs75 g
Sugar63.4 g
Fiber8 g
Potassium656 mg
Sodium2 mg
Magnesium43 mg
Phosphorus62 mg

Culinary Uses of Deglet Noor Khajur

Deglet Noor Dates Culinary uses

Deglet Noor dates are one of the best dates to use in baking. This is because of their moderate sweetness and sturdy texture. Due to their sturdiness, they can easily be chopped and mixed without becoming mushy. Furthermore, they provide a small crunch in baked goods which gives a more diverse texture.

Some people compare its flavour to cashews or browned butter because of its mildly sweet undertones. This also makes it very popular as just an individual snack item. You can also add them to salads for some extra flavour and nutrition. It has a similar crunch and pliability to a hard caramel when eaten raw.

This date type is also ideal for culinary applications because of its low moisture content. There are a lot of complementary flavours that go with it. For example, nuts, bananas, cinnamon, maple syrup, cream, cookies, bread, etc.


The price range of Deglet Noor dates is around 800-900 INR per kg in India and 8-10 USD per pound in the USA.

Where to Buy?

You can buy deglet noor dates online on the below websites.








Final Thoughts

Deglet Noor dates are very popular for their unique translucent appearance and slight sweetness that provides a rich flavour to any dish. They have countless unique uses for cooking and baking. Furthermore, they also provide a lot of health benefits which makes them a healthy alternative to snacks or sugar.

Some dates that are similar to Deglet Noor dates are Medjool dates, Piarom dates, and Masafi dates. Medjool dates tend to be larger than Deglet Noor but they have a similar flavour pallet.

Piarom dates are very similar to Deglet Noor in terms of appearance but have a more chocolate-like flavour. Masafi dates have a similar caramel, browned butter-like flavour that is associated with Deglet Noor.

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