Dayri Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Dayri Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Dayri dates, known for their sugary taste and velvety, chewy texture, are becoming more and more popular. You can buy them fresh, dried, or in processed form. They’re versatile enough to be consumed on their own, mixed into other foods, or brewed into drinks.

They are energizing which makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a little energy boost. This article details everything you need to know about Dayri dates and all of their benefits. You can also learn about the nutritional content and how to use Dayri dates in different recipes.

Origin, Geographical Presence and Seasonal Availability

Dayri date is native to Southern Iraq. It is a semi-dry date. The Phoenix dactylifera date palm is the source of the Dayri date, which is often written as “Dairi dates”, and also called “Deri dates” and “Deyr dates”. The fruits they produce, namely Drupes, are a hybrid of cereal grains and tropical fruits.

Their name comes from Dayr, which is where a convent is. The long religious heritage of Dayr has made it a well-known cultural centre. This is why “The Monastery Date” has become its common name.

According to legend, the first thing Muhammad ate after breaking his fast in Ramadan were dates, namely those of the Dayri kind. They have been an integral component of Islamic celebrations until now.

Dates of the Dayri variety have been grown in the Middle East for millennia. Both the Bible and the Quran make reference to them. The ancient Egyptians also relied heavily on Dayri dates.

In 1913, people began importing Dayri Khajoor. In the United States, this particular variety of dates quickly gained notoriety for the size, colour, and quality of its fruit. About 200 Dayri palms were located in the Salt River Valley, 125 in the Coachella Valley, and 100 in California in 1946.

Seasonal availability

Dayri dates are available for harvest in the late fall. They can easily be found In the months of late October and November all around the world. If stored in a cool, dry place, they can last for up to 6 months more.

Characteristics of Dayri Khajur

Appearance & Texture

Dayri dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

Dayri dates are dried dates as they are relatively moisture resistant. They’re rather big and brown in hue.

They have a silky feel when you touch them. The fruit is dark and oval, and its skin is papery thin.

Dayri khajur has a cream-colored core that is also oval in shape.

The meat of these fruits is delicate, and their skin is vibrant red in colour. The skin transforms from red to a darker golden brown as they develop and age.

They are medium to large in size. Typically, they are 2 to 3 inches long and 1 to 1.5 inches


Dayri khajoor tends to be slightly sweet and has an almost earthy aftertaste. They are often compared to the Medjool dates due to their similar looks but they are less sweet than Medjool.

Their flavour profile can often be compared to molasses which makes them one of the most sought-after khajoor. have a delicate, juicy texture once bitten into.

The sugar in it takes a while to reach your taste buds which provides you with multiple layers of experience while eating them. Due to their subdued taste, you can eat a handful of them at a time.

Moisture content

Dayri dates are moisture resistant which means that their moisture content is on the lower end. They have an average of 30% moisture content when fully ripe.

Nutritional Values in Dayri Dates

Dayri dates are rich in several important nutrients like Potassium, Fiber, Copper, Iron, etc. Every 100 grams of Dayri khajoor is 282 calories. A detailed table for the nutrition value of Dayri dates is given below.

Average nutrition value per 100g of dayri dates
Sodium2 mg
Protein2.5 g
Calcium39 mg
Iron1 mg
Potassium656 mg
Dietary fiber8 g
Sugar63 g

Benefits of Deri Dates

Dates are known as healthy food options as it is. The various benefits of Daryi khajoor are mentioned below:

  1. They can act as a healthy substitute for sugary treats. Along with satisfying your sweet craving, Daryi dates can help you get nutrients like Potassium and Fiber.
  2. Daryi dates help provide a high-fiber diet. It can fulfill 29% of the daily fiber required. Fiber makes digestion easier and helps avoid constipation.
  3. They can act as an alternative to sugar and chocolate in any recipes that involve those ingredients.
  4. They provide you with natural sugar which can help boost and maintain your energy levels.

Culinary Uses of Dayri Khajur

Culinary uses of dayri dates

Daryi dates can be used in a variety of different recipes because of their rich but not too sweet flavour. It goes well with both sweet and savory dishes.

The soft texture of khajoor makes them ideal for making a healthy sweetener by pureeing in a blender. You can use this puree in anything you want like baked goods, smoothies, toast, ice cream, porridge, etc.

Due to its large size, it can be used as a complimentary stuffing for savory dishes like bacon, goat cheese, etc.

Some of the other complimentary things that go well with it are coconut, orange, cream, coffee, nuts, etc. Furthermore, they are versatile sweeteners that may be used in place of sugar in a wide range of recipes.

For a nutritious and tasty morning meal, try mixing some dried Dayri dates into your morning bowl of muesli or granola. Dayri dates are versatile enough to be used as a snack, an ingredient in cooking, and as a preservation in the form of sweet syrup.


The average price of Dayri dates is around 900-1000 INR per kg in India and 12-13 USD per pound in the US.

Where to Buy?

You can buy dayri dates online on the below websites.





Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dayri dates are both nutritious and delicious. They can help you have a more balanced diet because of their high nutritional value which will help you get more energy as well.

Furthermore, they can be eaten in so many different ways that you can never get bored of them! Dayri dates are a fantastic choice if you’re on the lookout for a nutritious snack or a means to supplement your diet.

If you like Dayri dates, you will certainly like Medjool dates which have a similar flavour palette. Medjool dates tend to be comparatively sweeter and have a higher moisture content.

Piarom dates are similar to Daryi dates in dimensions and appearance. They are both semi-dry, long, and oval in shape and have dark brown skin.

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