Khadrawy Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Khadrawy Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Khadrawy dates, also known as Khadrawi, Khudrawee, and Khadhrawi, are a date variety that is very soft and delicious. They have a delicate and sweet flavor which is why they are considered the “queen of dates”.

They are very popular because they can easily be used in recipes. This is because of their higher-than-average moisture content.

This article will highlight everything you need to know about Khadrawy dates. Whether you want to know more about the origin of these dates or their nutritional value, this is the place for you!

Origin of Khadrawy Dates and Seasonal Availability

The name “Khadrawy” originates from the Arabic word “khudr,” which translates to “green.” This is a reference to the unripe dates’ recognizable emerald-green hue.

The origin of khadrawy khajoor may be traced back to Basrah in Iraq. We have seen a spectacular increase in the cultivation of Khadrawy dates across the sunny landscapes of California and Arizona in the United States over the past several years.

The cultivation of khadrawy dates is often done in regions that have a hot and arid climate. Although these dates are most often found in Iraq, you may also be able to purchase them in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. The availability of these dates is most widespread in Iraq.

Countries in North Africa such as Egypt, Israel, India, Tunisia, and others are also capable of cultivating them. Dates of the Khadrawi variety are among the most frequent types farmed in that region.

The southern states of the United States, such as California, Arizona, and Texas, are also major producers of these dates.

Seasonal availability

They are harvested in the months of October and November.

Characteristics of Khadrawi Khajoor

Appearance & Texture

Khadrawy dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

Khadrawi khajur tend to be medium to large. They have a 3 to 4-mm thick flesh that tends to be very gooey.

Its colour ranges from orange-brown with a greenish tint to brown as it ripens. They are very soft and juicy in texture because of their high moisture content.

Their flesh is so tender that it practically falls apart in your mouth.


In terms of flavour, Khudrawi dates are unique. They have a subtle, sweet fig-like flavour. They also have a buttery aftertaste along with a distinct caramel flavour.

The intensity of their flavour is quite moderate, so it won’t ever overwhelm your taste buds. It’s fairly sweet and soft enough to be used in countless dishes because of its unique flavour palette.

Moisture content

Khadrawi dates have an average moisture content of 78% which is quite high compared to other date varieties.

Nutritional Values in Khadrawi Dates

Khadrawy dates are very nutritionally dense. They have natural sugars, fibers, potassium, etc. All of which are important for a healthy diet.

Nutritional value per serving size of 40g of Khadrawy dates
Sodium1 mg
Total Carbohydrate30 g
Dietary Fiber3 g
Total Sugars25 g
Protein1 g

Culinary Uses of Khadhrawi Dates

Khalas Dates Culinary uses

Khadrawy dates are very popular in the culinary world. Their soft and juicy texture makes them perfect for cooking and baking. One of the most common ways to use them is to use them as “Stuffed dates” You can stuff these dates with different ingredients to make great appetizers. You can use goat cheese, almonds, walnuts, cream cheese, or anything else you prefer as stuffing.

khudri dates can be used to sweeten baked goods naturally. They can also be used to make amazing toffee pudding, baklava, or date squares. Due to how soft these dates are, they can be added to smoothies to improve their flavour. It also provides a creamy consistency to the smoothie while making it more nutritional.

They are very sweet and moist which makes them perfect for any syrup or sauce. They can be added to a sauce to make any condiment of your liking. Or, you can just make a simple syrup out of them for your breakfast.

You can also add little bites of these dates to your salads. They will provide a great, unique flavour and texture to any salad you want.

In addition to these, you can also use them just for snacking. They provide a quick energy boost and are a perfect choice for snacking when you have a sweet craving!


Khadrawy dates have an average price of 800 to 1000 INR for 1 kg in India and of 10 USD for 1 pound in USA.

Where to Buy?

You can buy khadrawi dates online on the below websites.







Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Khadrawy dates are very delicious and soft. They are one of the most popular varieties of dates you will find. They are the perfect texture for cooking and baking. You can use them in any way you want or just eat them as they are!

Khadrawy khajoor are similar to Medjool dates in terms of their appearance and taste. They also have a similar flavour profile to Deglet Noor dates.

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