Mabroom Dates: Appearance, Price, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Mabroom Dates: Appearance, Price, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Mabroom dates are a classic, Saudi Arabian variety. The Mabroom dates stand out among the various date options because of their unique characteristics.

These long dates have a skin colour that ranges from pink to golden, with a candy-like chewiness and stickiness. These dates are relatively less sweet than others. However, this in no way diminishes the nutritional benefits of them.

In the following article, we will highlight the health benefits of eating Mabroom dates and their nutritional values.

Origin, Geographical Presence and Seasonal Availability

Mabroom dates are believed to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula and are still primarily grown in this region today. They are widely cultivated across the nation, but especially in the Al-Madinah and Al-Qassim provinces.

It is unclear where mabroom dates first appeared, although Saudi Arabia is a likely candidate due to the region’s long history of cultivation.

The Arabic word “mabrum,” meaning “compacted” or “pressed together,” is where we obtain the word “mabroom” from. The chewy nature of dates is what this term is referring to.

The most famous Mabroom-producing countries are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. These dates are also grown in other countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Mabroom are one of the most popular dates in India.

Seasonal Availability

Mabroom khajoors are harvested during the summer months of July and August.

Types of Mabroom Dates

There are 3 popular types of mabroom dates as listed below.

  1. Red Mabroom: They are the largest in size and have a chewy texture. Their sweet taste has a slightly acidic flavour.
  2. Amber Mabroom: They are slightly smaller and tend to be firm. In terms of taste, they have a nutty flavour.
  3. Black Mabroom: They are the smallest and are very soft. They have a sweet and caramel-like taste.

Characteristics of Mabroom Khajoor

Appearance and Texture

Mabroom dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

Mabroom dates have a drier, softer consistency, they are are very long and lean, ending in a point.

The average length of 4 to 6 inches and the width of 1 to 2 inches. When compared to other types of dates, these date are slimmer and longer; it’s also delectable.

The hue of mabroom khajoor is an amber to deep brown. The outer membrane is wrinkled and pliable. These creases enhance the dates’ natural beauty.


Mabroom dates are sweet and chewy when they are fully ripe. They taste somewhat similar to caramel and are mildly sweet and they have a little toffee-like aftertaste.

Even though they don’t have quite the same level of sweetness as other date types like Medjool dates, they are still a healthy option.

Moisture Content

Mabroom dates have a moisture content of 21%.

Nutritional Values in Mabroom Dates

Mabroom dates are an excellent source of dietary fibre, potassium, and iron. These have a high concentration of iron, potassium and other minerals like magnesium, selenium, and zinc that the body needs.

Nutritional Value per 100 g of Mabroom dates
Energy349 Cal
Total Carbs85 g
Dietary Fiber7 g
Total Sugars65 g
Protein2 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Total Fat0.2 g

Culinary Uses of Mabroom Khajur

Culinary Uses of Mabroom dates

Mabroom dates are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of culinary dishes. They can be eaten on their own as a healthy snack, or they can be used in recipes for desserts, appetizers, and main dishes. They’re used in a wide variety of sweet Middle Eastern cuisines and are a common element.

Mabroom dates can be used in a lot of desserts, such as cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, and puddings. They can be added to the batter or dough, or they can be used as a topping. These dates can also be used to make date syrup, which can be used as a glaze for desserts or as a sweetener in other recipes.

They can be stuffed with nuts, cheese, or other fillings to make delicious appetizers. And be served on a platter with other fruits, nuts, and cheeses.

Mabroom khajur can be added to savoury dishes, such as stuffing, tagines, and stews. They can also be used to make date chutney, which can be served with grilled meats or fish.


The average price range of Mabroom dates is 1000-1200 INR per kg in India and 10-12 USD per pound in the USA.

Where to Buy?

You can buy mabroom dates online on the below websites.








Final Thoughts

Mabroom dates are highly sought after because of their exceptional taste and texture in addition to their beneficial nutritional profile.

They are a staple ingredient in many classic Saudi Arabian meals including kabsa and mandiThey have gained widespread acclaim, both at home and abroad, for their distinctive taste and texture.

Deglet Noor dates and Sukkari dates are 2 types of dates that are similar to Mabroom dates.

Deglet Noor dates are a semi-dry type of dates that are grown in North Africa. They are smaller and softer than mabroom dates, but they have a similar sweet flavour.

While Sukkari khajoor is a large, semi-dry type of date that is grown in Saudi Arabia. They have a soft texture and a very sweet flavour like Mabroom dates.

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