Thoory Dates: Appearance, Price, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Thoory Dates: Appearance, Price, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Thoory dates, commonly known as the “bread date” due to its hard, pastry-like texture, are a variety of Algerian dates.

These unassuming dried fruits may look dry and unremarkable on the outside, but beneath their exterior is a sweet and spicy flavour that has captured the taste buds of food enthusiasts around the world.

Thoory dates are not just a versatile ingredient, but they are also a culinary gem that adds a unique touch to both sweet and savoury dishes. In this article, we will explore the wonderful world of Thoory dates, from their origins to their countless culinary uses.

Origin, Geographical Presence and Seasonal Availability

The Arabic word Thoory translates to “The bull’s date”. The Thoory date is a dried date with its origins in the north African country of Algeria. They are not only called Thoory dates, though.

They are also known as Thuri, Tsuri, and Thauri dates. Tolga, a date-growing region near the Sahara border south of the Atlas Mountains, is credited as the birthplace of Thoory dates.

Although their exact origin is still a mystery, Thoory dates have likely been grown for generations. The Bible refers to these dates, which were often consumed by nomads in the desert.

Thoory dates are also produced and eaten in other regions of North Africa, the Middle East, and even the United States. The United States first began importing Thoory dates from Algeria in the early 20th century. Only in a few regions of California, Arizona, and New Mexico, these dates being cultivated since they thrice in the warm climate.

Seasonal Availability

Thoory dates are harvested in the months of late August to early September.

Characteristics of Thoory Khajoor

Appearance and Texture

Thoory dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

The Thoory khajoor is an oblong fruit that can range in size from moderate to enormous.

The fruit ripens late in the season and is rectangular with a golden brown inside.

They are firm and dry dates, which is quite different from the soft and pliable texture of many other date varieties. The flesh of Thoory dates has a rich golden colour.

The toughness of the exterior skin gives them a unique crunch when bitten into, followed by a chewy and slightly fibrous interior.

This textural contrast is part of what makes these dates special.


Thoory dates are exceptionally tasty and fragrant. This organic, dry khajoor tastes like a cross between cashews and peanuts due to its somewhat sweet, nutty flavour. Although they lack the sweetness of Deglet Noor dates, they have a more nuanced taste.

Moisture Content

Thoory dates have a moisture content of around 20%.

Nutritional Values in Thoory Dates

Thoory khajoor is a nutritious variety of date that is high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B6, and vitamin K. They are also a good source of natural sugars and antioxidants.

Nutritional Value per Serving Size (40 g) of Thoory dates
Energy110 Cal
Total Carbs30 g
Dietary Fiber3 g
Total Sugars25 g
Protein1 g
Calcium15.6 mg
Iron0.408 mg
Potassium262 mg

Culinary Uses of Thoory Khajur

Culinary Uses of Thoory dates

Thoory dates are popular in baking due to their extended shelf life and adaptability for outdoor activities due to their dry and tough exterior. Despite their dry appearance, these dates offer a sweet and savoury flavour.

They are excellent for baking and blend seamlessly with other ingredients without making them soggy, making them a great addition to granola, trail mix, or muesli. These dates complement oats and muesli perfectly, as their natural dryness prevents the mixture from becoming overly moist.

Thoory khajoor are a great natural sweetener, and when chopped or pureed, they may be used in a variety of ways to improve the flavour of salads, roasted meats, and grilled veggies.

They also provide a nutritious boost, making them a popular addition to energy bars and smoothies in addition to their usage in cooked foods. To replace refined sugar in baked goods like cookies, muffins, and bread, date paste is a popular choice.

Thoory khajur melt nicely into caramel and mix well with cookie dough and cake batter. They also serve as a natural sweetener in dishes like cakes, puddings, and pastries, adding both sweetness and chewiness. In Middle Eastern cuisine, stuffed dates with nuts or cheese are a popular appetizer due to the delightful combination of flavours.


Thoory dates have an average price of 1000 INR per kg in India and 8 to 10 USD per pound in the USA.

Where to Buy?

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Final Thoughts

Thoory dates are a culinary powerhouse despite their small size. They can add depth and complexity to both sweet and savoury dishes, and they can also be used to sweeten and enrich foods without adding refined sugar.

If you end up liking Thoory dates, you can give Halawi dates, Sayer dates and Dayri dates a try as well, you may like them too.

Halawi dates are also known as “butter dates” because of their soft, buttery texture. They have a sweet and caramel-like flavour that is like Thoory dates.

Sayer dates are also quite like Thoory dates in terms of their sweetness and flavour profile. Lastly, Dayri dates are similar to Thoory dates in terms of their sweetness and texture.

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