Sayer Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Sayer Dates: Origin, Appearance, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Sayer dates are one of the most popular kinds of date fruits because of their high quality, durability, and sweetness. They are 75% sugar which makes them taste exceptional.

They have a lot of different names like Estamaran, Sayir, Astamaran, Stamaran, etc. This date type is widely regarded as the best in Iran and is among the most popular exports to Europe.

In this article, we’ll discuss the origins of Iranian Sayer Dates, the health benefits they offer, and how much they typically cost.

Origin, Geographical Presence and Seasonal Availability

You will find the best conditions for cultivating Sayer khajoor in Shadegan City, Khuzestan Province, Iran. Shadegan’s abundant sweet water allows for the growth of over 2 million date palm trees, which in turn yield over 50,000 tonnes of dates annually.

Dates such as Sayer, Barhi, Ashkar, etc. are currently cultivated in the fertile soils of Shadegan City. Two large rivers in the area supply ample water for irrigation, making the area ideal for large-scale date plantations.

Sayer dates are the most sought-after of the several varieties of dates farmed in Shadegan’s fields. Almost all fields in Shadegan city grow Stamaran dates, making them integral to the livelihood of traditional farmers.

It is estimated that it accounts for between seventy and eighty percent of the province of Khuzestan’s total date palm population.

Sayer dates are the most popular variety of semi-dry dates on the market. Because of its greater durability, this date type has found widespread demand. They are in a class of their own in the worldwide date trade. It accounts for roughly 65 percent of Iran’s date exports.

Seasonal availability

The fully ripened Sayer dates are harvested from September to October.

Characteristics of Sayer Khajoor

Appearance & Texture

Sayer dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

Sayer dates are oval in shape and on average range from 2.5 to 4 cm in size. Their weight ranges from 7 to 10 grams.

They have a slightly curved side. They are popular for their soft and syrupy texture and slightly crunchy sugary skin.

Their demand is also attributed to the fact that it is very simple to separate the skin from the seed which makes them very easy to eat.

These dates are a variety of colours, from dark brown to amber.


When it comes to the delectable world of dates, one cannot overlook the exquisite flavour profile of Sayer khajur. They boast a delightful combination of sweetness and creaminess that is simply irresistible.

They tend to get sweeter as they ripen. The mature, dark brown type has 75% sugar and is often regarded as the sweetest date in the world.

Sayer dates have a sweet, caramel flavour and a crunchy, sugary exterior. It has a caramel-like flavour but is not usually strongly flavoured.

Moisture content

Sayer dates are semi-dry dates with a moisture content of 16% to 18 %.

Nutritional Values in Sayer Dates

Sayer dates consist of various vitamins, magnesium, fiber, etc., just like other varieties of dates. They have a very high sugar content in comparison to other varieties.

Average Nutrition Value per 100 grams of sayer dates
Energy350 calories
Total Carbs84.9 g
Dietary Fiber10.2 g
Sugar68.2 g
Protein2 g
Potassium665 mg
Sodium25.3 mg
Calcium75.5 mg
Iron2.5 mg

Culinary Uses of Sayer Khajur

Culinary uses of Sayer Dates

Sayer dates have a low moisture content and high sugar content which makes them ideal for baking. They go wonderfully with baked goods like bread and cookies.

Due to their ability to be used as natural sweeteners, they can be a healthy alternative for sugar in baking various confectionaries.

You can also use them as toppings for your ice cream, oatmeal, or yoghurts. It is suggested to consume them daily so you can try various ways to incorporate them into your diet.

Lastly, you can just them as a snack whenever you need a pick-me-up throughout the day as they can act like an energy bar.


The average price of Sayer dates is 600 INR to 800 INR per kg in India and $15 per kg in the USA. The low prices of these dates are due to their ability to withstand different environmental stresses which makes them easy to store and import. 

Where to Buy?

You can buy sayer dates online on the below websites.







Final Thoughts

As you can see, Sayer dates have countless benefits in addition to being completely delicious. This widely available fruit is highly regarded for its many beneficial nutritional properties. Include them in your daily diet to get the most health benefits possible.

In physical appearance sayer dates appear like Deglet Noor, both are oval in shape and have similar colours and textures. They have a similar flavour profile to Medjool dates.

In terms of taste, sayer dates match Piarom dates, and both are also semi-dry in nature. Mazafati dates also have a similar taste and moisture content to Sayer dates but tend to be larger and firmer.

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