Mashrook Dates: Appearance, Price, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Mashrook Dates: Appearance, Price, Benefits & Culinary Uses

Mashrook dates, also known as Mashrooq dates, are the fruit of the date palm, a tree that is native to warm climates. They have a soft, chewy consistency and a sweet, caramel-like taste. They are a staple diet due to their high levels of natural sugar, carbs, protein, and other nutrients.

Keep reading to learn more about the great Mashrook dates. We have included all information about them, including their origin, uses, and where you can buy them from.

Origin, History, Geographical Presence and Seasonal Availability

Mashrook dates are a type of soft, semi-dry date that is native to Saudi Arabia. It is not exactly known where these dates came from, although Medina, Saudi Arabia is believed to be its origin.

Mashrook was first mentioned in writing during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad, in the seventh century A.D. The Prophet loved Mashrooq dates, and it is reported that he encouraged his followers to eat them because of their health advantages.

The Al-Madinah, Riyadh, and Qassim provinces are now the only places in Saudi Arabia where you may find mashrook date trees.

Seasonal Availability

Mashrook dates are typically available from the end of August to the beginning of November, although they can be found in some markets year-round.

Characteristics of Mashrook Khajoor

Appearance and Texture

Mashrook dates - origin - texture - taste - price - culinary benefits - nutritional benefits

Mashrook dates have one huge seed when sliced open. They have a sweet, caramel-like taste and a soft, chewy texture.

Mashrooq khajoor may be found in a wide range of shades from light brown to black, however dark brown is the most common.

These dates range in size from moderate to enormous; they are elongated and have wrinkly, dark skin.

Their mouthfeel is mildly sticky and velvety, and they have a chewy, soft texture.


Mashrook khajoor have a distinct flavour that many people compare to caramel. They have a pleasant and refreshingly complex taste.

This complex flavour is because they combine sweetness and acidity. Natural flavours of honey and brown sugar may also be detected in Mashrook dates.

Moisture Content:

Mashrook dates have a moisture content of 15 to 20%.

Nutritional Values in Mashrook Dates

Mashrook dates are packed with healthy nutrients including oil, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium. It’s suggested that you eat them regularly to make sure you hit your daily nutrient requirements.

Nutritional Value per 100 g of mashrook dates
Energy282 Cal
Carbohydrates75 g
Sugars63 g
Fiber8 g
Protein2.5 g
Potassium656 mg

Culinary Uses of Mashrook Khajur

Culinary Uses of Mashrook Dates

In Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations, mashrook dates are a common staple meal. They are common fare during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. One of Saudi Arabia’s most lucrative date exports is mashrooq dates.

Mashrook dates are quite adaptable and may be used in many different dishes. They’re versatile enough to be used in both sweet and savoury recipes or enjoyed on their own as a healthy snack.

Fresh, frozen, blended, or blended with yoghurt, these dates have many uses. Mashrook dates are often used in Middle Eastern cooking. They go great in hearty recipes like stews and tagines. These dates are sweet and creamy, and they make a great addition to smoothies.

Mashrook khajur stuffed with cheese or nuts make a sophisticated appetizer. They can be stuffed with nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, or pistachios. They can also be packed with cheese, such as goat cheese or feta cheese.

Mashrook dates taste especially refined when drizzled with honey or maple syrup. A dessert or snack can be made from them.

Another tasty option is to wrap them in bacon before grilling or baking. Mashrooq dates may also be blended with other ingredients such as onions, garlic, and spices to create a chutney or dip. Serve this chutney or dip with chips.


The average price range of Mashrook dates is 900 to 1100 INR per kg in India and 8 to 10 USD per pound in the USA.

Where to Buy?

You can buy mashrook dates online on the below websites.







Final Thoughts

Mashrook is a type of date that is both nutritious and tasty because of its velvety texture and sweet flavour. They are packed with good nutrients including vitamins and minerals, making them an excellent snack option.

Mabroom dates are very similar to Mashrook dates in taste, both types of dates are soft and chewy, with a sweet and caramel-like flavour. Ajwa dates have a texture and taste similar to Mashrook dates.

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